Palestine Monetary Authority Goes Live on SmartVista BPC Banking Technologies Supports the Increase of Financial Inclusion in the Region
News release
Dubai – July 23, 2015: BPC Banking Technologies, the leading provider of Open System payment solutions, together with Palestine Monetary Authority (PMA) announces the launch of the National Switch of...
SanDisk Middle East & Africa: Raza International SMB Branding Design
Dubai – July 20, 2015: The design team at The Content Factory came up with Raza International’s SMB branding design for SanDisk Middle East and Africa. Do let us know if you like it
SanDisk Middle East & Africa: Dubai Link Deira SMB Branding Design
Dubai – July 20, 2015: The Content Factory – full service branding agency based in Dubai came up with Dubai link deira SMB branding design for it’s integrated client SanDisk. Do share your...
Manz AG: Made in the Middle East
Publication: Utilities ME
Dubai – July 14, 2015: The last 12 months have ushered in strong tidings for the Middle East’s solar industry: while only 70 megawatts (MW) of solar photovoltaic (PV) system projects were awarded...
SanDisk Middle East & Africa: Sharaf DG Booklet Full Page Ads Design
Dubai – July 12, 2015: The Content Factory – Full service branding and advertising agency in the Middle East designed the Sharaf DG full book advertising design for SanDisk Middle East and Africa
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