Coldwell Banker’s Global Master Franchisor Meeting
Dubai – May 02, 2016: On behalf of Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC, we would like to invite you to Day Two of its global master franchisor meeting in Dubai, to speak with real estate experts from...
Coldwell Banker: Ayman Yousef Interviewed on Dubai TV
Publication: Dubai TV
Dubai – May 02, 2016: Coldwell Banker Real Estate Company said the investors are optimistic about the real estate market in the UAE. Ayman Yousef, the Vice President of the company, said the Q1 of...
Coldwell Banker: Ayman Yousef Interview with CNBC Arabia TV
Publication: CNBC Arabia
Dubai – May 02, 2016: Ayman Youssef, Vice President for Coldwell Banker UAE interviewed on Jalsat Al Amaal show on CNBC Arabia during Coldwell Banker’s Global Master Franchisor...
Ramnik Chopra
Executive biographies
Dubai – May 01, 2016: Ramnik Chopra is an NRI settled in the United States of America for the past 15 years. An electrical engineer by profession, he started his career in Mumbai before moving to the...
Stuart White
Executive biographies
Dubai – May 01, 2016: Stuart White has been involved with estate agency for 20 years and has held senior positions with both the largest Estate Agency corporate and a leading Estate Agency franchise...
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