Mudo City sure looks good

Wednesday, May 30, 2012 - Dubai

Publication: Fijianchick Blog

One evening this week, I ventured to Dubai Mall in a bid to save my favourite Michael Kors shoe and one not so lovable Jimmy Choo which was a total waste of space but it is a Choo and fashion dictated it was worth saving :( . Anyway, the visit was coupled with checking out the debut of Mudo City one of the most famous Turkish brands to come to the UAE.

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About Mudo City

Mudo City is Turkey’s leading retailer offering clothing, accessories, furniture and home decoration products in more than 60 stores throughout Turkey. The Mudo brand includes Mudo Collection, Mudo Concept, Mudo Accessoires and Mudo Outlet. Under the guidance of its founder, Mustafa Taviloğlu, Mudo has grown from its launch in 1964 as a small gift shop to become a major brand in today’s Turkish retail marketplace. For more information visit